Are you interested in learning about how to heal from trauma as a community? Do you want to authentically come together across difference? Are you thinking about how to have honest conversations about U.S. history? Are you, your organization or your community looking to become more equitable? Do you want to have meaningful and effective conversations? Are you interested in strategically creating lasting change? Are you seeking to find or retain talent of color?

Marnita’s Table exists to increase equality and decrease disparities across difference. Intentional Social Interaction (“IZI”) is Marnita’s Table effective experience engineering model that helps individuals, businesses, NGOs and government agencies achieve equity and inclusion goals.

Marnita’s Table is excited to bring its #WeatherTogether dIZI (digital Intentional Social Interaction) series to you in an accessible podcast format! At this time, while some of us have the luxury of being at home, many others are fighting for their lives, livelihoods and their community! #WeatherTogether covers topics including food sovereignty, parenting during times of crisis, and how to keep a sense of humor in this strange new era. With a diverse panel of experts, hobbyists, and curious people in those fields, #WeatherTogether is a must listen for community minded folk.

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