About B.E.E.

For those who (on most days) truly love raising up children and students to reach their highest heights, you have come to the right place. Much like you, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the ongoing disparities in education and access. Like you, I was concerned about the ways policy-makers and educational systems hinder the cultural expressions, creativity, curiosity, and divine brilliance within every child, especially those of color. I noticed the circular trend of constant changes in education that produce little to no change and fail to transform the art of teaching and protect the right to learn for nonwhite students. However, the solution is not hidden from us – at least not from all of us. Let’s begin to make visible the absent narratives and ways of being and learning that we have historically and systematically rendered invisible and inferior so that they can teach us and introduce us to the birth of equity in education. Because, just like you, I also feel that…

Enough. Is. Enough.







My name is Bisola Wald, and I believe in… 


Through an Antiracist & Decolonized Teaching Mindset

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