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This is the introduction episode to the series: What Do We Tell the Children?: How to Talk to a Child About Race and Identity. As your hosts (Ebony and Bibi), in this episode we introduce ourselves, speak on the highlights that stood out to us in the series, and share quotes that bring us hope when we are weary or discouraged. We believe the experience, insight, and wisdom of the series’ guests will equip you with principles and practical advice on teaching race, identity, and antiracism to children. – EBONY RAMQUIST, Host and Founder of the H.U.E. PODCAST.

So how DO I teach a heritage that is not my own? Transracial adoption and race centered in Biblical principles. Listen now to Episode 1 while you work, clean, care for your littles, commute, relax, or even with the entire family. Doctoral candidate and Professor, Brittany Salmon, holds nothing back!

Let’s just say Mr. Darrell Gillespie, a doctoral candidate, Reverend, and licensed therapist, centers our children/students of color without catering to white supremacy, racial hierarchy, or socially constructed myths of any form. #NoRacismColorismAnyIsm. (Sigh) Get ready to exhale! BIPOC families, BIPOC educators, and our ‘for real’ allies in friendship and action this episode will leave you feeling … Equipped. Empowered. Ready. In 2021 let’s walk into this 3-part framework!

Pastor Jamey Johnson delivers powerful insights and bold challenges in the third episode of our new series. Ok, so my BIPOC folks are thinking, “Well, this isn’t for me.” And you’re right. Our target audience who submitted questions for this particular episode were educators and white parents wanting to discuss race and racism with white children. I don’t know about you, but I imagine I would have experienced less racial trauma, oppression, racial/ethnic stereotyping, and microaggressions in my day if teachers and white parents had rightly discussed the social construct of race and racism with the white kids that I would eventually have to work, play, and live with.

As I think about my own children and students of color, I would absolutely LOVE if this episode reached the ears and hearts of as many people as possible. In fact, if I could package this episode as a stocking stuffer to every predominantly white space I’ve ever been in or white friend that I love and esteem, I would.

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