Either your child attends homeschool or a private, charter, or private school, the curriculum, history, and literature that your child may be digesting could be primarily white. This is not always but is often the case for most families of color even causing them to switch schools more than white families in an attempt to find a school that does not dismiss their child’s culture and heritage as a valuable contribution to the United States history. 


If you are always looking for ways to affirm your child or just support him or her academically using home workbooks or a fun and simple (even free) learning website on the weekend, you’re in good company! The curriculum and resources that I am using center classical African history, American History remembered from the perspective of black and indigenous folks, and Spanish and Yoruba (Nigerian) as our foreign language curriculum, with Spanish providing the classical language beneficial for English and other foreign language acquisition.


Also, free websites like and can help provide up to 30 minutes of weekly academic practice for your child. I also enjoy STEAM subscriptions that ensure your children who enjoys tinkering with everything will run to check the mail with complete excitement at least once a month!


Wald Homeschool Schedule, Curriculum, & Resources

Books to Support Antiracist Education and Discussion in Youth




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