So, it happens every year, either I’m homeschooling or in my own classroom of 20 students… I am excited and nervous! I’m excited to be with children, especially my children, but I’m also nervous because I know teaching is not simple or smooth. It’s like a rollercoaster with more ups than downs in my opinion. 


To combat my nerves, I decided to map out a schedule for our Fall 2020 Homeschool format. I know it will change as I see what works best for my boys, but for now it calmed me down a lot! 


My favorite part of this process in creating the document wasn’t even the schedule (by the way did I mention that the schedule WILL CHANGE?). What excited me most was the curriculum and resources that I am using, many of which center classical African history, American History remembered from the perspective of black and indigenous folks, and Spanish and Yoruba (Nigerian) as our foreign language curriculum, with Spanish providing the classical language foundation beneficial for English and other foreign language acquisition. I also love the focus on STEAM!


Now, just an FYI, one of my boys is in first grade, so he’ll tap out at 2.0 hours into our studies which is fine with me – that gives me up to an hour with my fourth grader while my younger son just watches or reads. Knowing him, he won’t be too far from the action anyway, and he’ll jump right in whenever STEAM starts LOL! 


Wald Homeschool Schedule, Curriculum, & Resources

Books to Support Antiracist Education and Discussion in Youth




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